Sons of Mercia Series

Three novels and several short stories take you through Anglo-Saxon history, from the Viking wars to the brutal Norman Conquest.



Broken Balance Series

An epic fantasy saga of passionate gods, addictive magic, and a world where chaos has tipped the balance beyond recovery.


Tsarist Russia

Releasing September 2013, The Prince and the Pretender explores the scandalous mystery of False Dmitri and his strange relationship with Xenia Godunova. > More

Jayden Woods Home Page

Novelist, Screenwriter, Artist

Welcome to the official website of Jayden Woods, an avid novelist, screenwriter, and artist. Jayden is passionate about dark, dramatic stories in practically any genre or medium. In addition to writing, she also draws and composes music. To learn more about Jayden, visit the About page.

You can find Jayden's books at the websites listed below and more. Paperback copies of novels can also be requested from most bookstores.