Godric the Kingslayer

Godric the Kingslayer

Godric is the bastard son of Eadric Streona, spurned by Eadric’s wife and promised nothing by society. At a young age his life is steeped with murder, loss, and betrayal. Godric seems destined for a life of exile and insignificance, but he grows determined to avenge his father’s death, no matter what the cost.

Living under the roof of Thorkell the Tall, he learns to become a Jomsviking. The life of a warrior brings him comfort, but his hunger for vengeance remains. He finds a new identity for himself and successfully reenters the royal court, where he initiates his plans of assassination.

As success grows closer, however, he finds himself hurting the people he loves more than the man that he hates. He watches himself become his own worst enemy, and can only hope to change his ways before he tears his own world apart.

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  1. author 6

    "Rich characters, misery, betrayal, sex and a dose of brutal Viking violence, mixed together for an easy, enjoyable read!"


  2. author 6
    Kay J. Blalock, PhD

    "Once again, Jayden Woods creates a contextually factual and colorful narrative that will enlighten as well as entertain the reader."


  3. author 6

    "...endless intrigue, betrayal, deceit, suspicion, distrust, and jealousy inherent in the chaotic struggle for power that marked the period."