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Born and raised in Bethesda, TN, I grew up surrounded by woods and hillsides. I have little doubt that my natural surroundings had a strong impact on my creative and personal development. My friends and I had adventures in the woods and let our imaginations run rampant.  We loved to take a camera with us and knit stories together from our wild ideas. I began sprouting novels in middle school.

My hobbies also included drawing and composing music, which I always combined with my writing and led me to pursue an education in film. As much as I loved the hills of Bethesda, I needed to get away and explore a different side of the world. I moved to Los Angeles where I earned a BFA in Screenwriting at the University of Southern California.

Internships abounded, and I even landed a full-time job on a prime-time TV show. But I wanted to keep exploring other aspects of my writing, as well as my other creative skills. I decided to leave Los Angeles, at least for a time, and focus on writing novels. As a result I landed in St Louis, where I spent a grueling year and a half of unemployment or part-time jobs. During this dark time, I got hit by some of the most intense inspiration I've ever experienced and churned out "Eadric the Grasper" in a period of three months. I took a short break between each book, but wrote the following sequels just as quickly.

Since then, I have eagerly pursued the publication and promotion of the Sons of Mercia series, though I continue to churn out other stories as well. I am addicted to writing and see it as an important form of communication between my deepest self and the outside world, as well as a method of personal therapy and growth.

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Jayden Woods is a pen name.

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My dog, Mira, in some St Louis snow.

(My dog, Mira, in some St Louis snow)