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Eadric the Grasper

History looks back on Eadric Streona as one of the most villainous men of his time. The BBC History Magazine elected him as the worst Englishman of the 11th century, and many also blame him for the victory of the Vikings over England. Streona means “the grasper,” and such was Eadric’s character: he clutched for power and money wherever he could. But what most historians fail to consider is that Eadric Streona's primary goal was peace and stability for England. Without altering any factual events, Eadric the Grasper presents another conception of this historical figure: he is suave, charming, intelligent, and values peace above all things. If he must put a Viking king on the throne to gain a pleasurable life for himself and his true love, so be it.

Meanwhile, a ruthless vigilante called "the Golden Cross"  will do anything necessary to keep the Vikings from the throne. Eadric must pit his wits and sword against the crafty masked figure,  but doing so traps him in a dark web of lies and deception. When at last he uncovers the rebel's identity, his entire world will fall apart, and he must face a terrible choice. Can the selfish Eadric Streona sacrifice his own welfare for the sake of another's?

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  1. author 6

    "[Woods] brings to life the violence and skullduggery of the age in exciting scenes of action and intrigue..."


  2. author 6
    Thomas Shippey - Author, Scholar of Medieval Literature

    "An intriguing take on a fascinating period of history that everyone till now has stayed away from."


  3. author 6

    "Eadric is a villain who is hard to hate because you can understand the necessity of his decisions, despite their consequences. His constant political maneuvering and personal relationship turmoil make the book an interesting read."


  4. author 6
    Kay J. Blalock, PhD

    "Not only does the author develop well-rounded characters to compliment the title character, Eadric, she also introduces medieval England by painting a vivid mind-picture and world in which her personas operate. Woods introduces the possibilities, the alternatives if you will, for known historical events."


  5. author 6

    "The complex character of Eadric is a natural fit for all levels of book clubs."


  6. author 6
    Ron Friedman - Creator of GI JOE, Writer of THE TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE

    "If you had given up finding derring to match do in an exciting historical romance because Sir Walter Scott was dead, weep no more. Eadric the Grasper by Jayden Woods brings homicidal Vikings, ferocious lovers, and frequent murder most foul to brilliant life in literary 3D. Turn away from thy Twitter and grab it."