When I approach historical fiction, I do so with meticulous research and careful attention to real events. My motto is to never contradict known history unless a very minor adjustment is needed for the sake of dramatic storytelling. However, I do like to play with the unknowns of history, and this is vital to my style. I hope to create a unique and entertaining story that will provide a fresh perspective while challenging the notion that history can ever be known completely.

Sons of Mercia Trilogy


Heavily researched and set in the Dark Ages, the "Sons of Mercia" trilogy journeys from the Viking wars against Anglo-Saxons to the Norman Conquest of England. Read about one of the most notorious villains in English history (Eadric the Grasper), a young Jomsviking out for revenge (Godric the Kingslayer), or the dashing hero who fought Normans from the woods and probably inspired Robin Hood himself (Edric the Wild).